Essence of Business Case Consideration for Transformational Architecture

Technology is the mesh under the fabric of digitalization that is changing the reality of our times by smoothly weaving an ever-evolving future of innovations into it. If industry and enterprising are the fundamental traits of our civilization, then the technological revolution is the base for all the industrial revolutions, including this fourth one, which has commenced with digitalization.

But what do we mean by digitalization? Today, when we want to communicate, we go digital using our smartphones. Then we wish to order food, groceries, apparel, consumer goods, electronics, or we wish to simply go shopping; we go digital using our smartphones. Right. What’s more, we wish to book an appointment with our dentist, doctor, financial planner, business partner, investment broker, lawyer, or banker; we simply go digital as almost everything is at the touch of our fingers. What a magic lamp of a smartphone we have got, and what a magician we have as our Jinn.

And many of the times, the companies fulfilling all our wishes are doing it so smoothly and silently that we wonder how in the sweet lord’s name they are doing it. Again, the answer is that the same Jinn called technology with its muse called digitalization has made ourlife like a fairytale.

However, technology and digitalization cannot do this on their own; they need the best kind of masters at their helm to train and mould them in our service. These masters, the business leaders, along with their revolutionary companies, are directing the stream of positivity, innovation, technology, and digitalization through the chaotic times of the pandemic and trying their level best to keep succeeding in championing the fourth industrial revolution with their best leadership.

CIOLOOK India’s brand-new edition of India’s Best Companies of 2022 has brought you these champions’ mindboggling stories to enjoy, get enamoured, and become a part of the future. Embrace yourself with the latest happenings in the business arena by reading down the two trendy articles crafted by our in-house editorial team.

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